Home Based Opportunities

Home Based Opportunities

Home Based Opportunities – Are They A Joke?

OK – You have heard of the HUGE money being made by some people – who have their own website – and you are ready to join them.

Your travel brochures have been read -and you have chosen the color (both interior and exterior) for that new Mercedes – and you are ready:

You have a website, your product or idea – and,

Now, what – – – –

1. First, you have to get an article written – —

Oh Gawd -how do you do that? You’re not a writer – you HATE to write, Damn – 1st obstacle.

Just for fun – let’s say you talked someone into writing it for you – and, it looks pretty darn good.

2. You are holding that article in your sweaty hands or looking at your computer screen, and wondering what the heck you are going to do now.

Can you submit it to one of those article directories you have heard about? How do you know which on to use? Should you choose more than one?

Do you dare submit the same exact article to more than one directory? If now – what is that term you heard – spinning? What the heck does that mean?

Can you get someone to do that for you?

Article Directory: This is where you have the article you had written for you distributed to directories (repositories of an article) where someone can look up a subject (How to teach an old dog new tricks) for example, and ergo, there is your article – all ready to be read and acted upon.

What could be easier?

3. Wait, now you have figured out a way to get the article written – someone has submitted it to article directories for you. Whoa – Get those travel and Mercedes brochures back out – Now, you are almost on the verge of ordering either the Mediterranean cruise or the sleek MB coupe.

4. Oh damn – you forgot – someone has to find and read your great site. You don’t want it buried in a maze of other articles on the same subject. You need backlinks and pings. Oh hell, what are those -and how much is that going to cost?

BackLinks – Incoming links to your website. Shows how popular your site is – and makes it more prominent in search engines. Therefore more people will actually find it – and BUY from it!!

Pings – OK – now this is really getting weird. What is a ping – and how much is it going to cost me?

Pings – When you ping someone – there will be a pop-up window that lets your `message` be shown. What message – Oh man – this gets so complicated!

5. Just supposing that you could get all that stuff done for you? Suppose you wanted to get started, but you didn’t want to get a degree in web marketing?

Well: lets’ see what can be done:

1. Have an experienced, successful writer do the article for you – around 500 words., or so.

2. Have an experienced person take that article – and make it into several variations for you so it can be submitted in several places – and look fresh each time.

3. Now suppose you wanted to have that article submitted to over 100 directories – all high ranking directories? Eh – now you are getting somewhere.

(Those brochures can be dusted off, now)

4. Remember those backlinks we talked about? How about adding hundreds of backlinks – and thousands of pings to this setup?

So, let’s recap[:

1st Step – – Having that article both written and spun for you into different variations –

2nd Step – Having that article written, spun and actually submitted to 100-150 article directories to high ranking directories

3rd Step – All the above – PLUS – having hundreds of Backlinks and thousands of Pings – all going back to that website you so lovingly created.

If you have the whole enchilada – (all done for you by experts) -You will be light years ahead of anyone else trying to get set up.

So, yes – You can do this!