Marketing With Article

Marketing With Article

Designing A Website And Marketing Campaign That Works With Google

Far too often people think that when they’re marketing with articles, they need to do tricky or fancy things to make their marketing campaign successful.

The truth of the matter is that obtaining a higher search engine ranking and a real surge in visitors is really simple:

1 – First, you have to focus on your website.

Fill your website with information that your viewers will find interesting and helpful. It’s a really good idea to have a website that is loaded with valuable content and that is kept up to date with fresh content on a regular basis.

The first task you have produces a website that is focused on the needs of your viewers. If your viewers are happy, then Google and the other search engines will be as well. Google’s goal is to please its search customers, so if its customers (who are also your viewers) are delighted with what they find at your website, then Google is delighted as well.

2 – After creating a stunning website, then you turn your attention to marketing it.

Just as a brick and mortar store needs to market itself to bring in customers, so you need to market your website.

Don’t forget your agenda and Google’s is the same—you want to please your customers and Google wants to please its customers. By delivering value to your customers via the content on your website, Google will understand the value of your website and rank it accordingly.

Many times you may get the impression from other website owners that Google and the other search engines are their enemies, something they feel they need to outwit and is a little scary. That is totally not the case—In exactly the same way that a travel agency can be an ally to a hotel that it refers to, so Google can (and should) be an ally to your website.

Within the world of search engines and website marketing, the main language links. The links that are going to your website tell Google a lot about the value and topic of your website.

There are two main purposes served by links on the web Marketing With Article:

* It’s a form of transportation. By clicking a link on one web page, you are “transported” to another web page.

* It communicates information to Google and the other search engines about your website’s topic and value.

You can influence where your website appears in a search engine’s rankings by how consistently you market your website and the quality of the information on it.

Submitting articles is a fantastic way to market your website. It achieves these goals:

1 – Marketing With Article develops quality links to your site. Articles are often picked up by very niche specific publishers, so there is a good chance that your article will be published on a site that is on a topic related to your own website.

Keyword terms can be used within your resource box to create the link back to your website. These linking words are known as “anchor text”, and they also help Google and the other search engines to understand how to rank your website and what it is all about.

2 – Marketing with articles gets the word out about your website and drives traffic to it to it. Other websites and ezines can republish your articles. People who see your article either on a website or in an ezine can click the link in your resource box and be taken to your site.

3 – Article Marketing grows customer confidence. When a future customer reads your well-written and very knowledgeable article, then they will come away thinking, “Hey, this guy knows his stuff! I can trust him to give me good advice”. Quite simply the more confidence that person has in you, the more likely that he will become a customer of yours.

Articles that have been produced as part of an article marketing campaign are more commonly referred to as ‘free reprint articles’, this is because publishers are able to republish them online without any charge. The ‘payments’ that you get as the author are the three benefits mentioned above. The way in which you receive these benefits is via the author resource box, which usually will include a link to your website and a reason to visit it, your name and a brief description of your company.

Your Homework:

* Start producing articles that teach your readers something they need to know.

* Produce a well thought through resource box designed to inspire readers to click the link to your site.

* Start submitting articles to internet publishers and article directories.