Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

How To Use Social Media Sites To Promote Your Business

Social networking is an area that you simply cannot ignore in this day and age. Being an internet marketer means you simply have to be on top of what is going on, new, breaking news etc on the internet and social networks even with the current reports of people saying some have lost their way, are definitely here to stay, so read on.

The Essentials Of Social Networking

Hi, this article is a beginner’s guide to Social networking and Social Media Promotion for those of you who are just a little bit unsure, now don’t be afraid to admit to it because we all need to start somewhere and Sam & I were absolutely no different.

If you’re not using social networking sites already, you’re really missing out. These sites offer you great opportunities to boost your business. And the real advantage Sam, my wife and I have found is that once you’ve set them up, do some posts or tweets and immediately you’ll get people following you, becoming your friends – it’s really that simple.

What are Social Networking Sites?

While there are many websites out there that encourage people to connect, social networking sites are more specific. The idea that separates them from others is the presence of a detailed profile. Forums, for example, are social. However, you typically don’t need to let other people know that much about you or your business. Social networking sites are designed specifically to let others know more about you and what you’re doing.

It’s not necessary to introduce many details of your personal life if you’re representing a business. However, it’s generally helpful if there is a real human being associated with the business. Studies have shown that people prefer a name and face over a corporate logo. It’s much more social to hear about someone than some “thing.” Even if it’s a company page, try to include some personality because it helps establish connections.

How To Build Your Online Network via Social Media Promotion

Most social networking sites allow you to add people to a group of friends or associates. This concept of association is where the networking comes in. Facebook, for example, uses friends. Twitter uses the idea of “followers.” As you go along, you continually add new people and they add you. This is how you build your online network.

How To Leverage Your Online Network – Social Media Promotion

Once you’ve built up your network, that’s not enough to actually begin using your presence to attract new business. You’ll need to learn how to leverage your new resource. It’s not enough simply to “hang out” and wait for people to show up. New product announcements, specials, newsworthy items, and other updates are necessary in order to stimulate interest.

However, social networking sites are not the traditional marketing channels. You can’t simply blast traditional advertising messages and hope people buy. The attitude is more about keeping people informed rather than pitching to them. You might find you’re able to develop a closer relationship with existing customers while you build new ones.

Another way to leverage your network is to use it for understanding what your customers want. This is traditionally called market research. However, you’ll want to approach your network in a way that is more about asking their opinion. People love to give their opinion, and you might encounter new ideas you couldn’t have thought up on your own. A simple offhand comment asking, “what do you think?” can garner some very significant input.

Hopefully my brief introduction to Social networking sites gives you a taster if you’re new to this arena, as to what they are & how to get started – its really very simple and easy to do and although you’ll not make ‘fortunes overnight’ its just another tool in your marketing arsenal, just like article marketing, blog and forum posting – it needs to be done!