Starting SEO Company

Starting A SEO Company

Starting A SEO Company – Do You Ever Wonder How SEO Companies Are Put Up?

Website templates will help with the design issue. They can easily be found with a basic Internet search, but be careful of the free versions. While they are just as attractive as their paid counterparts, many of them will have embedded links that force advertising on your website. If you remove these links, you violate the template’s Terms of Service. However, with paid templates, there are no ads, allowing you maximum control over your site.

Anyway, if these templates are distributed in HTML, you can edit them using Word or any other program that can read that type of coding. Go on and do that after finding a template of interest. But before you start writing about your business, write about 10 articles sampling your SEO ability. These will be placed in the “Samples” section of your website.

The topics of these articles can be on anything. What matters is whether or not you can get these articles to rank in Google. To do that, you will have to focus on keyword optimization. Think of ten general subjects you would like to write on. Now visit the Google Adwords site to take advantage of their free keyword analyzer. Search each of these topics one-by-one to gain access to smaller keywords. Copy and paste the keyword into Google and put quotes around the term. If the number next to the listing is between 0 and 500, your sample article should focus solely on this keyword. Put the term in your title, and sprinkle it throughout your content. You should try to achieve a 1 to 2 percent density.

That right there is the heart of SEO, but you are not quite done yet. After you finish writing your 10 sample articles, you need to complete the rest of your template. The other sections do not have to be elaborate… just explain 1) what your business does, 2) pricing and 3) why an Internet marketer should choose your company. You can also have a FAQ and an About Me section.

With your site completed, you will need to do backlinking to show your clients that your work brings results. To backlink, use the keyword optimization strategies mentioned above and advertise your site in article directories, forum signatures and social bookmarking sites. Do this enough times, and when someone enters your site’s name in Google, it should show up.

Now repeat this strategy for EACH of the sample articles given on your site. Make sure your backlinked content relates to your sample. Over time, your articles will achieve their own rankings, though the keywords will be unrelated to SEO. That is perfectly fine, as the goal here is to show you can actually rank realistic content. And to further prove this point, you can either include screenshots of your ranking, or you can provide a direct link to your listing. To do this, simply conduct a search on your article’s main keyword and copy & paste the Google page your content appears on.

Congratulations, you now have the knowledge to start a SEO company. Once your site is up, all you have to do is advertise your services at freelancing networks, like oDesk or getafreelancer. You should get a lot of clients because unlike your competitors, you will a website that proves you have the ability to do Starting SEO Company.